Vocal Warm Ups

Here are a variety of vocal warm ups. Try and have a warm up session before the ‘note bashing’ on Zoom.



Exhale on a Hiss

A widespread (and very impactful) breathing exercise is one in which you will inhale for a specified amount of time, and then exhale on a hiss or “sss” sound. Find a metronome, or download a metronome app, and set it to 80 bpm in 4/4 time. Next, practice different amounts of time inhaling an exhaling. Remember that as you inhale, you should be breathing from your diaphragm, not your neck and shoulders. You can use this chart as a guide to get yourself started:

Inhale Exhale “sss”
4 Counts 4 Counts
4 Counts 8 Counts
4 Counts 12 Counts
4 Counts 16 Counts
2 Counts 4 Counts
2 Counts 8 Counts
2 Counts 12 Counts
2 Counts 16 Counts
1 Count 4 Counts
1 Count 8 Counts
1 Count 12 Counts
1 Count 16 Counts

Challenge yourself with this exercise and time how long you can exhale on a hiss before you run out of breath! You can also make the hiss staccato as you count, starting and stopping the sound.

Just make sure that you give yourself time in between each inhale so that you don’t get lightheaded.


Not exercises as such, but a great explanation of what’s going on!


Please post below if you have a warm up that works well for you.



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