The OK Chorale

An informal singing group meeting AT The Fishbourne Centre every Monday 1pm -2.30 with the object of enjoying singing together.

Jazz, swing, folk, contemporary, traditional, gospel, musical theatre, barbershop, light classical, acapella, accompanied, unison, SATB, – anything in fact that can be sung and enjoyed.

No need to read music – if you can that’s great; if you can’t –  just use your ears. Musical scores. lyrics and demonstrations of songs will appear on this page – see below.


Spring Term starts on January16 2023 – all welcome

No meeting on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Every time you see this sign there is a live link to some music or information:
Here are the parts and instrumental demonstrations of the parts for

Salt Water Wells In My Eye

Salt Water Vocal demos:

Full mix





Salt Water Sop

Salt Water Alto

Salt Water Tenor

Salt Water Bass

Salt Water Full Score

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

This is a shanty that we have adapted for this SOSCA evening – the lyrics are in the script along with instructions as to who sings what  – see above.

Out of Sight Sop

Out of Sight Alto

Out of Sight Tenor

Out of Sight Bass

Out of Sight full score


Sussex By The Sea

I’ve arranged this one in two parts – high and higher.

Score part 1         Sussex By The Sea Part 1 corrected

Score part 2           Sussex By The Sea Part 2 corrected

Full Vocal Score Sussex By The Sea score corrected



Here’s the original piano sheet music:


Here are Vocal Demonstrations of the two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Full Demo

Here’s an instrumental demo with part one in the left headphone and part two in the right.

Tea For Two

T42 Sop full

T42 alto

T42 Tenor

T42 Bass

T42 Score

Tomorrow Will Never Come demo

Tomorrow Will Never Come

Silly Love Songs

SLS Soprano

SLS Alto

SLS Tenor

SLS Bass

SLS Score


The Autumn Leaves

vocal demo

Tenor demo (front row)

Soprano Demo

Bass Demo

Alto Demo (back row)

The Autumn Leaves Sop

The Autumn Leaves Alto

The Autumn Leaves Tenor

The Autumn Leaves bass

The Autumn Leaves Score

After The Goldrush

After The Goldrush High

After The Goldrush Low

After The Goldrush Middle

After The Goldrush Score


You Are The New Day

Vocal Demos

Low Part

Melody (altos)

High Part

All Together



Only You

Only You Full Score Ex

Only You Sop Ex

Only You Alto Ex

Only You Tenor ex

Only You Bass ex


Seasons Of Love

Backing track Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love – top part

Seasons Of Love – middle part

Seasons of Love – Bottoms

Seasons of Love – all parts

Seasons of Love score

Seasons Of Love

Lyric Sheet Seasons of Love

Seasons Of Love Lyrics wave

If I Fell

Full mix

Harmony demo

Melody demo

If I fell in love with you

If I Fell Whole Harmony Line

Practice track

Love Rescue Me

Love rescue me lyrics

Love Rescue Sop

Love Rescue Alto

Love Rescue Bss

Love Rescue Full Score

Love Rescue Me Vocal Demo

Love Rescue Me Soprano line demo

Love Rescue Me Alto line demo

Love Rescue Me Tenor/Bass





Old Coat


Old Coat


Old Coat

Part Demos:




P, P & M – original