Separate Ways

Seperate Ways Camden Fringe a7 brochure


Sam O’Hanlon sings ‘I Hope She Loves You Too’ live at Theatro Technis:


Vox Demos – be aware there will be a few changes!

1 Pull Back The Curtain

Harmony Lines

Pull Back Harmonies

2 Ham Salad At Midnight

3 Millionaire demo –

Millionaire Harmony ending

Millionaire Harmony Coda

4 I never Expected

I Never Expected Harmony

I Never Expected Harmony

5 Reprise: I never Expected/ Ham Salad

6 Ticket In Your Pocket

7 Who Pays

Who Pays Score Parts

Who Pays Score parts

8 Coffee

Coffee Harmony Coda

Coffee Coda Harmonies

9 Reprise:I Never Expected

10  Thirty Five

12 Don’t Draw The Curtains

Don’t Draw The Curtain Duet

Don’t Draw the Curtain Parts

13 I Hope She Loves You Too

14 Reprise: Who Pays

15 Reprise: I Hope She Loves You Too