Vocal Distancing Singers

One Life One Love

A song written by John Gleadall and performed by Same Difference and SD students – all proceeds to NHS charities – please donate by purchasing from iTunes.


Vocally distant singing

Not easy but technology allows us to harmonise across time and space. Just put your headphones on and sing along with your part; record it on your phone and send me the result, with or without a movie – I’ll try and stitch the bits together. It’s vital that you sing along with the track and that you record with headphones on – I really don’t want to hear the track on the recording!


Lyrics Close To You Close To You Sops Close To You Alto Close To You Tenor Close Tou You Bass Practise track to sing along to.

The Mingulay Boat Song

Here’s a vocal demo of the whole thing: MBS Sops all MBS Alto All MBS Tenor All MBS Bass All MBS all Oboe MBS Flute

Sloop John B

Try this backing track – the key is a bit lower than the original!

Bo Rap

We’ll do a bit every week – what can possibly go wrong? Well we could do it all in the ridiculous Freddie Mercury key and have to start again!!!!!!
Here’s the intro: Bo Rap 2 Full Intro Score Bo Rap 2 Sop Intro Score Bo Rap 2 Alto Intro Score Bo Rap 2 tenor Intro Score Bo Rap 2 Bass Intro Score

Bo Rap Section 2

Bo Rap Sop 60 Bo Rap Alto 60 Bo Rap Tenor 60

Bo Rap Bass 60 All

Bo Rap Section 3

Bo Rap Sop 60 – 70 Bo Rap Alto 60-70 Bo Rap Tenor 60 – 70 Bo Rap Bass 60 – 70

Bo Rap Section 4

BR Sops 60 – 88 BR Alto 60 – 88 BR Tenor 60 – 88 BR Bass 60 – 88

Bo Rap Section 5 ‘Tutti’

Bo Rap Tutti Vox

Bo Rap Section 6 – Coda

BR Coda Sop BR Coda Alto BR Coda Tenor BR Coda Bass Coda All

California Dreamin’

A great song by John and Michelle Phillips – a good one to start with as,  a) we all know it,  b) it has great harmonies and c) it’s easy!

The resources

See below the scores for the four sections of the choir – it doesn’t matter which one you choose I’ve used the traditional labels of soprano, alto, tenor and bass – but my choirs have ladies in all sections and men in quite a few. I made a backing track to sing along with and different recordings for each part – if you listen to the audio tracks you will hear one part played much louder than the others. I will try and do a vocal version soon. I have scored all the parts in treble clef – don’t worry if you can’t read music – just do it by ear. The Tenors get the tune. One day the Altos will get a tune. One day. Sing whatever part suits you. Get in touch with questions – I could do a FaceTime or Zoom session for sections. I will send a message out and let you know.

Soprano resources

Sops Dreamin’ Soprano Vocal Demo

Alto Resources

Alto Dreamin’ Alto Vocal Demo

Tenor Resources

Tenor Dreamin’ Tenor Vocal Demo

Bass Resources

Bass Dreamin’
Bass Vocal Demo

Full Score and Backing Track.

Full Score Dreamin’


California Dreamin

The Ensemble so far:

Jeepers Creepers

Full vocal demo Jeepers Creepers Full score
Sop demo Jeepers Sop
Alto Demo Jeepers Alto
Tenor Demo Jeepers Tenor
Bass Demo    Jeepers Bass

Jeepers Creepers Lyrics

Jeepers Creepers


    1. Really? Those earbud things arrive with almost every device these days – I’ve just thrown 3 pairs out in the big lockdown tidy up! Really need headphones to record the parts otherwise you get the track recorded as well – I’ll send you some!


  1. Monday evening Zooms constitute a clash for me with my drama group – but you can’t please everyone. So my appearances will have to be ‘played by ear’, in particular I regret this Monday the 22nd is out for me. So I will attempt a tenor recording of California Dreamin’ based on the hints so far and send it to John quite soon.


  2. Hi John
    Will try and record the alto part for you but I’m afraid that I have already committed to something else at 6.30pm on Mondays starting next week so really sorry I won’t be able to join you on screen which is a shame as it sounds like a lot of fun 😦
    Keep me in the loop though. Debbie


  3. Hi John, any chance of having the lyrics for Jeepers Creepers? as a non music reading person I find just the words less baffling 🙂


    1. OK Sheena – Lyrics posted! You’ll have to use them in conjunction with the demo – I didn’t write down all the ‘Scat’ lyrics – also I’m going to insert an instrumental interlude order to allow our instrumentally talented friends a chance to flex their chops!


  4. No recording from me. Sorry John, being a show-off am-drammer I am not easily embarrassed but my recorded tenor voice on CD (California Dreamin’) is *so excruciating* I cannot bear to send it! You would want to vocally distance from me by about two hundred metres. Or mix me down by two hundred decibels. However I will join you on Monday night for JC even though that song is more difficult. I will ‘reluctantly’ have to watch that video you recommended a few dozen times – hey ho.

    The upside is that all my favourite singers now sound even more impressive.


  5. Well done John on The Ensemble so Far 🙂 soo glad my voice is lost among the many as it sounded very cringe worthy on it’s own (unless I was cut of course!!). This is obviously taking up much of your valuable time, for which I thank you, but also hope you are enjoying as much as I am xx


  6. Hi. I’m a soprano who has failed to declare herself and so don’t have the details of the Zoom rehearsal. Hoping someone will see this in time.


  7. Well!! What it’s like to get lockdown brain!! Having sung alto an octave higher!! Ha!
    I now believe I’ve sung soprano an octave lower!! Definitely cant get the staff!! So third time lucky!!!
    Good job you’re a patient man John!!!


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