Get Singing – Autumn 2019

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Open Doors

Recording with Choir

Open Doors Harmony Sections

Tomorrow Will Never Come

Tomorrow Will Never Come Score

Tomorrow Will Never Come

She’s Leaving Home

She’s Leaving Sop

She’s Leaving Tenor

She’s Leaving Alto

She’s Leaving Bass

She’s Leaving Score

Tea For Two

T42 Sop full

T42 alto

T42 Tenor

T42 Bass

T42 Score

Silly Love Songs

SLS Score

SLS Soprano

SLS Alto

SLS Tenor

SLS Bass

Demo track:

When I Fall In Love:

When I Fall In Love 3

When I Fall In Love 3 sop

When I Fall In Love 3 Alto

When I Fall In Love 3 Tenor

When I Fall In Love 3 Bass

Mix Demo

Sop demo

Alto Demo

Bass Demo

Only You (revised Arrangement)

Only You Bass ex

Only You Tenor ex

Only You Alto Ex

Only You Sop Ex

Only You Full Score Ex

The Autumn Leaves

Vox Demos

Alto Demo

Bass Demo

Soprano Demo

Tenor Demo

Whole Song Demo

The Autumn Leaves Sop

The Autumn Leaves Alto

The Autumn Leaves Tenor

The Autumn Leaves bass

The Autumn Leaves Score

After The Goldrush

After The Goldrush High

After The Goldrush Low

After The Goldrush Middle

After The Goldrush Score