DYT Cratchit’s Christmas Carol

Final script draft 1

Cratchit’s Christmas Carol DYT Final Script

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The Songs

Act 1

1 A Christmas Welcome

Backing Track with three times through the music before the singing starts to Get On

Thumbs Up TV advert

2 Wish For The Moon

Backing Track

3 A Soalin’

A Soalin’ Backing track – GRACE – please check! Remember four lots of Hey Ho! Start Singing after forty seconds

4 Tomorrow Will Never Come (shortened version)

5 Mean Old Man

Backing Track

6 The Writing’s On The Wall

Backing Track – up one tone:

7 Blues In His Pocket

Blues in His Pocket Backing Track

8 Spending Money

Backing Track

9 Go Down

Backing Track

10 You Got No Soul

Backing Track

Backing track down one tone in Eb

11 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Backing Track

Money Where Your Mouth Is in C

Money Where Your Mouth Is in Bb

12 When The Magic Lingers On

Backing Track

13 Making Money

Backing Track


14 Tomorrow Will Never Come

*PLEASE NOTE* I have simplified this arrangement. Groups 2 and 3 will sing the melody all the way through. Group one only will sing the harmony and only two or three will sing the descant – otherwise it gets a bit overwhelming! We may start and finish with solo singers.



Backing track

15 Scrooge’s Song

Backing Track

16 Broken Fences

Broken Fences backing track

17 Live For Each Other

Backing Track

18 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Reprise

Backing Track

19 Yesterday Today

Abby’s Part

Poppy’s Part

Backing Track

20 Gates Of Hell (Old version)

At The Gates of Hell Version 4

21Wish For The Moon/Mean Man reprise

Backing Track

20 NEW Gates of Hell and 21 Wish For The Moon (reprise) and Mean old Man (reprise)in one track

22Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day

Backing Track

23 Tomorrow Will Never Come

Backing Track




  1. Hallo for Tomorrow Will Never Come I am a bit confused. Before only Group 1 were doing the harmony for some of it and the descant now the they’ re only doing the harmony but weren’t Group 1 the high group? If so wouldn’t it be better if they did the descant as that is high?

  2. Hmm – you could be right Hannah! I have reworked the song, trying make it easier and I may have got a bit confused! I think I may have decided to split the group 1 part within the group as the descant will only need about 3 singers. Many thanks for you vigilance!!!

  3. Thanks so much John for writing this great play. I couldn’t have had a better one to introduce me to Dynamo.


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